What type of videos should I include on my campaign page?

Videos should clearly tell a compelling story of why someone should support your Fundly campaign. Follow these guidelines for creating an impactful video:

•A good video is a mix of action or “doing” (i.e. something is happening) and talking (i.e. looking at the camera and speaking) – not entirely one or the other.
•The video should be under 5 minutes; we recommend 2-3 minutes. Otherwise, longer footage can create viewer fatigue and decrease your impact.
•If you have existing videos from your organization, use them – but we recommend adding specific calls to action regarding a gift on your Fundly page at the end of that stock video, etc. Remember, the most successful videos are custom-made for the specific ask you are making on your Fundly campaign page.

To view instructions how to upload a video, please click HERE

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