Does Fundly mail out paper checks?

If your donations were processed with WePay and you would prefer to have a check mailed out to you instead, you can request this once you log in your WePay account. Towards the bottom of the page once you're logged in to WePay, you will have the option to request for a paper check. If you click the "get a paper check" link, you'll be asked to input the check information should be able to request a paper check for withdrawal. 

Please follow normal funds withdrawal procedure HERE

If your donations were processed on our old payment processor (not WePay), Fundly cannot mail out funds by check. Funds are sent electronically to an account of your choosing, that you designate when you set up your WePay account.

You also are required to upload a copy of a bank document or voided check that shows the account name, account number and routing number in order to receive an electronic ACH deposit.

NOTE: Fundly and WePay does not store this information—we serve as a conduit to the merchant processing system.

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