How do I add my campaign URL to my Youtube video?

Youtube gives you this great option to allow you to link your campaign page to your Youtube video. With Video Annotations,you can add more information about your campaign, and also help promote your fundraiser as viewers watch your video.  

To add your campaign URL to your Youtube video:

1. Login your account and view your video on your Youtube channel.
2. Select "Annotations" on the menu below your video. 
3. Click the "+Add Annotation" button. 
4. Type in the the information field the text that you would want to show up on your video (preferably a good description to invite viewers to go to your campaign page).
5. Check the "Link" box and select "Fundraising Project" from the drop down menu.
6. Type in your campaign page url in the field provided below the Link box.
7. Click "Save" to save changes, and publish to launch your video with the annotations.


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