What fundraising strategies have worked for other customers?

Even though it’s becoming easier to raise money online, the fundamentals of fundraising are still important. Our most successful customers focus their energy on reaching new supporters through social media and focusing on fundraising basics.

Some of these steps include:
1. Replacing their donation page or PayPal link with a Fundly donation form
2. Designing their Fundly Cause page to engage and inform new supporters
3. Making sure they have a clear and prominent “Donate” button on every page of their website (usually the top right)
4. Adding Facebook, Twitter, and Google +1 buttons to relevant website pages and blog posts
5. Devising a campaign with a clear goal and letting their supporters know about the goal and how to get there
6. Engaging board members to actively raise money
7. Fostering their Facebook and Twitter communities by discussing issues that they care about
8. Thanking their supporters like they always do

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