How do I promote my campaign page?

Once you build your page, you want to bring your network to your site and convert them to donors and supporters of your cause.

Fundly has two ways to promote your page. One is by sending out emails and the other one is by posting your campaign to one of our supported Social Media channels such as Facebook and Twitter (Google+ & LinkedIn supported soon)

To promote your Campaign by email:

1.Log in to Fundly

2.Click on the "Dashboard" tab and select the appropriate campaign from your drop down black arrow (if managing multiple campaign pages)

3. Click on the "Email" tab

4. You can upload your email contact via Gmail, Yahoo, CSV or enter or paste the email address you wish to send them to. By default, the URL of your campaign is already entered together with an email template to the body of the email and the Subject line is filled out. You can change this if you wish.

5. Click on the "Send Email" button to send your email

To promote your campaign by Social Post:

1.Log in to Fundly

2.Click on the "Your Page" tab of the page you want to promote. 

3. You may click on the SHARE ON FACEBOOK button or scroll down and click on the other "Share" buttons to post your campaign on the chosen Social Media channel

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